Ajeer – Young Innovator

Innovators: Haitham Al-Haidari & Yasmin Kassem

Ajeer is an online platform through which individuals can find short-term, project-based employment. Ajeer focuses on young freelancers – independent, skilled individuals who are interested in providing short-term services to companies and employers.

Freelancers on Ajeer are provided with an online space where they can display their skills, education background and portfolio. Seniors and recent graduates face initial difficulty in finding employment and skilled individuals lack an opportunity through which they can obtain exposure and potentially gain employment. At the same time, companies are showing more interest in hiring people for short-term projects in terms of outsourcing.

Ajeer’s biggest strength is the ability to help freelancers legally obtain payment for their work. We are the only company in Qatar that provides this service. Some companies and employers are unable to make official payments to freelancers. Our value proposition is our ability to provide a solution to freelancers in allowing them to obtain payments from employers legally.

Our strength lies in working with the unique needs and set procedures in the Qatari market to the benefit of all stakeholders involved. That being stated, this factor does not affect our ability to scale to countries in the region. Ajeer focuses on in-office freelancing opportunities (rather than remote opportunities) because the market in the Middle East prefers it. Ajeer is a statement that employers do not need to outsource their skills abroad, that talent can be found at home.