A*Star Education – Silver Partner

A*Star Education is a British education technology company of 15 years standing which has launched products in three main curriculum areas – mathematics, coding and history.

Code The Curriculum is a complete new coding environment designed to teach coding and critical problem-solving skills to help train the mathematicians, engineers and scientists of the future.

As coding becomes the essential skill for workers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, those who have the knowledge and skill will design robots and software systems that make other forms of employment redundant.

Code The Curriculum provides a self-study course for all teachers, including those who are not computer science specialists, enabling them to improve their understanding and skills and bring coding into their own subject areas as an integral part of their lessons instead of teaching their subjects in isolation, as if computers do not exist.

Students can create any kind of program they can imagine, and a suite of projects is also provided, with source code, which can solve the problems that they encounter in other parts of the curriculum.

In mathematics, students’ computational thinking can produce algorithms that decompose numbers into their prime factors, factorise quadratic expressions, solve differential equations or create a graphing calculator, and provide a visual illustration of the process. In chemistry, students can produce an interactive periodic table which reveals the electronic structure of any element when selected. In physics, they can model the output of a variable transformer or build a working schematic model of an internal combustion engine.