Finland University – Silver Partner

Finland is a leading country by almost any indicator of prosperity, happiness, equality, cleanliness and innovation. Thanks to investment in education, healthcare, information technology and more, Finland has been able to build the society it has become today.

Along the way, we’ve learned about many things of benefit to other countries too. From maternity care to early childhood education, from public administration to sustainable development and circular economy – we believe there is a lot we can share with the world about societal advancement in the 21st century.

Finland University is a consortium jointly owned by four leading multidisciplinary Finnish research universities: Tampere University, University of Eastern Finland, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. We have delivered short courses, professional development programmes and Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes in over 20 countries worldwide.

We create new educational solutions to different learning environments, societal structures and needs in close co-operation with our partners and customers who include educational institutions, governments, companies, NGOs, foundations and public or private organisation. We provide leading-edge educational solutions based on scientific research and help our customers to find the best solutions for their needs with tailor-made courses, trainings and capacity building programmes.

Our member universities have over 63 500 students, 1000 professors and 75 international degree programmes ranging from education, innovation, future studies, entrepreneurship and leadership to health sciences and data sciences including for example IoT, AI and cyber security.

Finland University has successfully carried out courses and capacity building programmes in e.g. Teacher education systems in the KSA and in Oman, where Finland University has a branch office (since 2015).