LTUC – Branded Partner

Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) presents a smart, practical, world-class educational experience that helps students select a suitable major that enables them to realize their goals and secure sustainable jobs that foster enhanced livelihoods. This is particularly relevant within today’s landscape, especially given the evident gap between the outcomes of the higher education system and the evolving requirements of the job market, which has resulted in a steadily rising unemployment rate of 24.4% as of the first quarter of 2019 amongst students graduating from Jordanian universities.

Prior to launching any educational specialty or program, LTUC connects with leading companies and institutions to learn more about the organizational requirements and employee qualifications they seek. As such, curricula are designed to simulate real-life work environments and are delivered by experts from various industries and academic professors – consequently preparing LTUC students to embark on rewarding educational journeys that offer the knowledge, skills, readiness and confidence necessary for entering today’s dynamic job market, immediately upon graduation.

As a progressive, flexible and adaptable organization, LTUC remains up to speed on the latest developments and trends within the business and employment arenas. This methodology ensures that LTUC revisits and recreates existing programs based on actual job market needs, and introduces modern educational approaches such as blended learning – ultimately arming students with a distinctive educational experience that empowers them to venture into the real world and establish the successful professional careers they aspire towards.