Oman Vision 2040 – Stakeholder

Since attaining independence, the sultanate has achieved numerous development goals, with massive investments in human capital and core infrastructure. The sultanate has also been a part of the most significant international integration processes and become an active and sound international partner in global efforts towards peace and security, respect for human rights, cultural diversity and the rule of law.

The government has actively pursued Oman Vision 2040 to establish a systemic approach to sustainable development; revolving around four major pillars: social development, economic development, governance and sustainable environment.

Oman vision 2040, was developed with broad societal consensus and with the participation of all segments of society including public and private sectors, NGO’s, residents and individuals, with more than 41.o thousand participants involved.

Based on enhancing international integration and attracting FDI, the vision is focused on diversification, industrialization, and privatization. Our national priorities, focuses on reshaping the roles and relations between public, private and civil sectors with primary objective of a high quality of life for all. Achieving 5.0 percent annual average real growth rate and doubling GDP per capita in real terms, were our main targets.

As the speed of technological progress has completely changed societal expectations, brings new opportunities and increased development potentials, promoting innovation came as cross cutting for all national priorities, with system established to nurture talent, creativity and entrepreneurial potential. Developing different levels of the educational system and improving educational curricula and outcomes is a cornerstone to promote innovation and to build a knowledge-society.