Riyada – Stakeholder

Riyada was established as the Public Authority for Small & Medium Enterprises Development as per Royal Decree No. 36/2013, whereby it enjoys financial and administrative autonomy and is headquartered in the Muscat Governorate with the right to establish branches in other governorates according to a resolution from its board of directors.

The Public Authority for Small & Medium Enterprises Development (Riyada) is the Sultanate of Oman’s arm for the development of small and medium enterprises and the strengthening of their contribution to the local economy through a wide range of business advisory services and training programs.

The Vision:

Small and medium-sized enterprises to become a key pillar in ensuring creation of jobs and accomplish added value.

The Mission:

To develop and cultivate small and medium-sized enterprises.

Riyada Objectives​:

  1. Develop small and medium enterprises, plan, coordinate and promote their deployment, and enable ‎them receive the finances and services required in coordination with the government and private ‎agencies concerned. ‎
  2. Instill a culture of entrepreneurship and self-employment among emerging and young people.
  3. Strengthen the role of institutions by providing multiple renewable Omani youth employment ‎opportunities. ‎
  4. Assist pioneers and entrepreneurs in the initiative with the establishment and implementation of ‎their own projects and leadership in both management and development. ‎
  5. Enhance the competitiveness of existing institutions. ​
  6. Increase the capacity of institutions to bring added value to the national economy, contribute to ‎economic diversification, and support both innovation and the use of modern technologies.‎​