TBD – Young Innovator

Innovator: Murooj Khalid Al-Saadi

TBD, short for ToBeDone is a platform that links youth, being students and graduates, with job opportunities and a chance to enhance their skills, gain experience and an extra source of money. On the other hand, through youth, we provide companies with curated and filtered candidates that will fulfil the positions available in their organisation, making it a cost-effective solution to acquire employees promptly and as and when they need them.

The company was established in April 2018, starting with the support of Oman Technology Fund to study the market and implement customer discovery on the current market. The company was formed by 3 female fresh graduates who were trying to fix the problem of the mismatch happening in the market and the big gap between graduates and companies. TBD aims to provide the optimal solution and the first step towards starting their job journey. We believe that youth have enthusiasm and are capable of accomplishing more, if the right help and guidance was provided. TBD plays the role of a medium to enhance youth opportunities and exposure to the job market linking them with suitable positions at companies.