Texthelp – Branded Partner

At Texthelp, we’ve spent over two decades developing innovative education software tools that support literacy, maths and science. Now in use by over 20m people across the globe, our software tools are having a tangible, positive impact upon the educational development of countless students. Our recent efficacy study in the UK has demonstrated clear and measurable improvements in reading age, writing ability, fluency and vocabulary.

Offering support in Arabic and English, our tools help the widest range of students – in both age and ability. Including those with additional learning needs such as dyslexia or those who are English Language Learners – right across the curriculum.

Shortlisted in the 2019 GESS Education Awards, Read&Write, our flagship literacy product, offers exceptional bi and multilingual features to support reading, writing, fluency and comprehension development in both Arabic and English. With added support for organisation, study and exams, it’s helping deliver independence and improved outcomes to students.

EquatIO, our powerful and unparalleled maths & science tool, lets everyone create mathematical equations, formulas, graphs and more on their digital device, and enable technology and online learning to be integrated into maths lessons like never before.

With WriQ, we provide a standard measurement for writing. Using defined rubrics, WriQ automatically grades writing papers digitally and helps provide meaningful feedback to students.

It’s faster, more accurate and consistent than traditional manual and subjective grading – giving students, parents and teachers clear visibility of writing progress over time against peers and standardised norms that can be used as a comparison benchmark of progression for teachers and schools.