Blippit – Silver Partner

Blippit’s curriculum App Maker for students launched in January 2018 for schools in the United Arab Emirates, through the Ministry of Education, as part of the 2021 Vision for a First-Rate Education System.

Originally designed and built exclusively for the new Computing Curriculum in England, Blippit removes the barriers for children and teachers to create, share and publish their own learning projects.

In the UAE, Blippit is a key part of the Design and Technology curriculum particularly at Grade 8 with expansion plans for later in 2018. Elsewhere in the world, teachers use the App Maker as a way to engage reluctant writers and promote creativity as well as more typical applications in computing that includes introducing children to coding.

Blippit also offers a clear path from introducing early computing and code concepts, through algorithmic block programming and on into in to more advanced text-based Python coding.

Accessed via the web, schools require only the Chrome web browser to get started. Sign-in can be integrated with Office 365 sign in and Google Edu to make access easier to manage for schools.

Easily scalable, Blippit can be used via our Cloud or hosted within your country as needed.

Blippit’s Managing Director, John Bidder, will be available for any questions during this event.