Genee World – UK Pavilion Partner

Genee World are a British manufacturer based in the Midlands of the UK, established in 2005 Genee have rapidly become a leading manufacturer of touchscreen technology and interactive educational software solutions.

Genee are well established in the UK and export to over 80 countries worldwide including the Middle East and Africa, their technology is put through a rigorous research, development and testing programme to ensure only the highest quality products are manufactured and supplied.

The Genee range incorporates interactive touchscreens, visualisers, touch tables and bespoke software to create a collaborative learning environment. Genee understands the needs of teachers, their solutions have been created by education professionals and they have built hardware and software solutions specifically for the education arena. An example of this is Project Flow, cloud-based lesson management software, that allows the teacher to create lessons that can be automatically differentiated at a click of a button.

Genee focus on providing the complete interactive classroom solution giving teachers the tools they need to engage with their students and provide fully collaborative and content rich lessons. Genee’s products include a huge array of lesson specific titles that work to deliver streamlined lessons simply. Spark II, lesson presentation software, facilitates student interaction, engagement and collaboration with a simple and easy to use interface, ideal for any classroom.