Haier – Gold Partner

Haier International Smart Education company, holding ‘To Become the Innovator of Smart Education Solution In the Age of Internet of Things’ as the corporate vision, ‘Make Education Smarter’ as the mission, and ‘Focus & Open up, Co-Create & Win-Win’ as the value, is committed to achieving the equity and quality of global education.

Appling A (AI), B (Big Data), C (Cloud Computing) and D (Education Device) into education solution Research & Development, Haier International Smart Education Company has implemented an inter-connected and co-sharing education ecology with HiBook, HiClass, HiSchool as the main structure

  • HiBook Solutions, applying hardware devices as the carrier and integrating various applications and content of learning needs, feature Chromebook, Winbook and Andriodbook as the three product series.
  • HiClass Solutions focus on ‘cloud + network + hardware’ and deploys super blackboards, super podiums, super desks, and other supplementary products around the smart classroom to meet the classroom needs of teachers and students. It currently provides interactive classroom solutions, multi-vision classroom solutions, and immersive classroom solutions.
  • HiSchool Solution integrates the resources of the top educational companies in the world to establish a campus ecology system through the construction of Campus Cloud, Campus Network and Campus Energy.

Under the guidance of ‘one belt and one road’ policy, and in cooperation with Google, Microsoft, Intel, Inspur and other international top resources, Haier International Smart Education company has successfully established industry accelerator, institute, and HiStar charity institution, in order to build a ‘Co-Create, Win-Win, Sharing’ global education ecosystem with the makers and elites all over the world.

Website – www.haier-edu.com