IBM – Diamond Partner

IBM is proud to be an involved and contributing part of the Egyptian economy since its establishment in 1954. IBM cognitive and cloud solutions provide innovation by bringing new approaches to clients, organizations and the world at large. Behind each innovation are the people who conceive it and work the long hours to see it become reality.

With an in-depth insight on the latest in the tech industry; IBM is continually on the leading-edge, considering unconventional and innovative ways to meet the demands of the savvy consumer; with Cloud, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence making their way to the forefront of technologies driving waves of digital disruption across almost all industries.

Through more than 60 years in Egypt, we have worked side by side with the Egyptian Government in most of the projects of national importance and through several initiatives that help the economy and support the government’s national plans. IBM always realized the attractiveness of Egypt as a competitive sourcing destination which resulted in having six IBM centers in Egypt that serve almost the entire globe. IBM’s scope of work has expanded to include a variety of sectors in Egypt like Banking, Telcos, Education, R&D….etc.