InterAct – ITIDA Pavilion Partner

InterAct develop technologies to enhance interactivity, starting with its first product Touchizer.

Touchizer is a device that converts any ordinary surface (monitor) to be interactive, whether this monitor was a projected wall, or even a TV.

Just by plugging Touchizer to your computer and directing it towards the monitor, you can use the monitor as an interactive screen using Touchizer pen.

Touchizer can be used in both Educational and business institutes, where it enables users to use all computer capabilities directly on the monitor, from visual aids, interactive applications and virtual labs, while saving all their work as video, audio or PDF, or surfing the internet and any other application on the computer.

Touchizer is a small portable device, with high response, and half the market price of the electronic boards.

Saving all the hassle of the electronic boards, from being damaged from a strong hit or exposure to liquids, to its huge size and maintenance.

Touchizer for a better interaction.

Mohamed Samir Abolenin